Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 14 Secret Spirits Advent Calendar continues to impress!

Day 14 dawns and I'm almost bittersweet as I creep down the dark stairwell. Is it selfish of me to feel like the end is near? After all I only have 12 days left of this lovely advent calendar. I truly have enjoyed the adventure so far and writing about the whisky behind the little door everyday has been really nice as well. I had a friend say to me yesterday: "Are you not scared you will run out of things to say?" ME?? Run out of things to say? Errrr, I don't think that has ever happened or ever will ;)

The truth of the matter is having this advent calendar is sort of like being on vacation at Disney World. You get up every day excited, discover new things, enjoy the experience, tell everybody how much fun you are having and then you go to bed super happy knowing you get up the next morning and do it all over again but in a different way! 

I flipped on the basement light and pull open the two large doors. They glide effortlessly across the top of the piano to reveal what is left to my advent calendar. I have to admit it's starting to look a little like swiss cheese!? Day 14 pops out easily and out comes the little sample bottle. Ohhh, another one from Ainneamh. This one is a Speyside 18 year old unlike what was behind door 6:

I didn't even wait to make it back to the bedroom. I twisted the top off and starting nosing the sample bottle as I walked back up the stairs. Of course my lovely fiance was already in the kitchen making coffee and he looks over as I am deep in thought. "Would the Lassie like a Glencairn?" he says as he shakes his head. "Sure!", I answer very enthusiastically. This morning, I decide to sit at our kitchen table and actually make a few notes.  Graham arrives with my Glencairn as I'm grabbing my whisky journal and a pen. "Does it seem bizarre to see me sitting here in my robe at 6:30 nosing whisky?" I ask. He hands me my coffee. "No more bizarre than the other 6,326 ways I've seen you nose it. 

He left me sitting there, almost sensing that maybe I needed a little alone time. Was sort of nice actually. The whisky was quite lively in the glass or maybe it was the fact that my nose felt fresh and ready, either way... it was nice to simply take a few moments to let the ideas flow and trust my nose. Work... train employees, keep the place from burning down, remember to eat, play nice, and then watch the clock tick down to 5:00pm!

Graham announces he's not feeling well and realized he has caught the really nasty cold that is going around. (Great...!) but I go into high gear, make us a szechuan stir fry and we sit, stop and enjoy. It was hot, spicy but just what we both needed. I suddenly remembered my sample and jumped up from the couch. 

Ainneahm Speyside 18 year old, 54.7% ABV. Refill hogshead, cask 14432.

Colour: Another light, sunny whisky. It's almost translucent.

Nose: Another delicate whisky and you really have to work to find the aromas on this one. It's rich in cereal, but like oatcakes. It's not overly sweet but much more on the "yeasty" side, so maybe I would describe it as doughy. 

Palate: Here is where the sweetness comes, it's lemon meringue pie on a graham cracker crumb crust! Simply divine.

Finish: There's a clean, crisp feeling about this one. It doesn't necessary linger but leaves a feeling of having freshly brushed your teeth.

From start to finish this whisky was ever so pleasing. I love the way it was a little shy on the nose and then the palate hit me like one of my favourite desserts!! Another stunning choice for this advent calendar.

As always if you want to see what Jonathan thought, check out his blog at:

With 11 days left, it's hard to imagine what is left to come, but I'm sticking around to find out.  Ruaidh, my lovely cat seems to want to as well!  



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