Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 18 - Another peated whisky perfect for the day at hand

Yesterday we were supposed to get about 2-5cm of snow, but low and behold the storm must have been slightly off-track and we got 15-20cm instead. We are used that part so we weren't overly worried until we woke up this morning to freezing rain that quickly turned into heavy rain. So we've gone from -36C to 11C in less than 48 hours. Many people had pipes freeze, basements start to flood and the streets were a terrible mess as well. It was a good day to just stay home, put in an old movie and relax on the couch.

About half way through the movie, we paused so that Graham could get a ham ready for the oven (YUM) and I, well I went to my advent calendar. Yup, it was that kind of lazy day... I poked through the little door and pulled out Croftengea 11 year old by AD Rattray. "Wait a second?" I thought, "didn't we already have one of these in the advent calendar?" Sure enough on day 9 we did try a different independent bottling from Single Cask Nation. Oh Jonathan, you sly dog you, what a great idea. I wish I had kept some from that day to do a head to head against this one. 

As I rounded the stairs, Graham was just putting on the finishing touches to supper and I put the little bottle in front of him. He smiled as he unscrewed the cap and took a little sip. Oh, that's the perfect dram for this afternoon he said as he handed me back the bottle. I immediately went to get a Glencairn and poured myself a healthy dram. I sat myself down in the big armchair and wrapped myself in my fleecy blanket. 

AD Rattray Loch Lomond Croftengea 11 year old, 58.9% ABV, Sherry cask #321.

Colour: Light yellow, really light!

Nose: This is really meaty. Smells like a T-bone steak cooking on a charcoal fire BBQ. It's huge and quite bold!

Palate: This is just a bit too high test for me as all I taste is burning. I added a little water and it rounded out one of my favourite desserts: A Tortuga rum cake. It's dark, sweet and rich. Hints of molasses, demerera sugar and Caribbean influence.

Finish: Exhaling a cigar. Smoky, slightly ashy even but a with pink grapefruit pith after taste.

I went back and read my notes from day 9 and they were somewhat similar in nature. 

This leads me to believe that the house profile of the whisky is obviously coming through on both samples. That's a good thing in my opinion. Graham was right. This damp, cold and lazy Sunday needed a dram that would warm me to the bone and envelope me in sweet smoky goodness. This is exactly what day 18 did. There was only one small downside. I enjoyed the dram so much, I didn't save any for Graham. Oooops... sorry love!?

Take a peak at Jonathan's review by clicking here:

Moving on to day 19... I look forward to tomorrow's delight with excitement and a bit of sadness. Only 7 more whiskies left but I have a sneaking suspicion Day 25 will make up for it.  Stay tuned, I know I will...



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