Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 9... Loch Lomond Croftengea from Single Cask Nation

Day 9 dawns earlier than usual, as we traditionally go to our local City Market the second Friday of December for an annual fundraiser for our local food banks. Graham and I have been attending this for 10 years. It means getting up at 5:00am to make sure we are in line for our CBC Harbour Light mugs. I know... makes you sound a bit crazy right? But... we know and support our local food banks as best we can.  It is a ritual and tradition we love to do every year. We arrive at the market, the local CBS morning show (Shout out to @infoamsj) is all set up, the market is decorated for Christmas, our friends, neighbours and the vendors (which we have come to know over the course of 31 years of living here) are all there as well. The mayor's breakfast is prepared and served by his worshis Don Darling and all of the councilors. It's kitchy, but all the money is also donated to the fundraiser. It's a fabulous couple of hours that we enjoy every year.

We didn't get home until 8:00am so we literally ran in the door and got ready for work. I realized at about 8:15 that I completely forgot to run down to check my advent whisky today. Off I went, once again excited at the prospect of what was behind the magical door!

The reveal: Loch Lomond Croftengea, 10 year old. A grin spread across my lips because I have a feeling that I am going to really enjoy this one because this is from a friend's company Jason Johnstone-Yellin - Single Cask Nation whom I met at a fabulous whisky festival in New York City in 2013. He and his partner Joshua Hatton formed this little company that has a huge following. These guys have some of the best noses in the USA! Ask anyone who buy these bottles on a regular basis.  Hence, I couldn't wait to pour just a little sipper in a whisky glass and POUR I did...

The minute I even crack the little sample bottle, the aromas waft upward. This is a HUGE little dram. Now I'm torn, because I really want to take a few minutes to nose and take a quick sip but I really can't. So, I did my usual = Super quick sniffing and dip, double dip finger... (The one time, it's ok to double dip!)  It's good.... it's really good!

By the time 5:00pm rolled around I was tired but so happy to make it home to my lovely little dram. Oddly enough though, I couldn't find it. I pretty much looked everywhere and was really getting exasperated. Why couldn't I remember where the heck I put it...? Come on I'm thinking, I was really looking forward to this. I kept looking everywhere but nothing. I started looking in pockets and even my day bag (just in case I absent-mindedly put it there and took it to work!? ;)

Until finally, I just stopped and yelled out to Graham and for whatever reason, he knew exactly where I had left it... On the kitchen table with a Glencairn glass. BIZARRE!? I truly have no recollection of leaving it there... Lack of sleep, excitement... or, well let's face it maybe a little old age (I am older, hehe) That lovely old arm chair beckoned and I gratefully obliged. My body sunk down to "It's Friday night and I am so happy to be home" level and I poured a generous dram of the Loch Lomond into my glass. Slowly I nosed/tasted and mostly sat in silence while I did so.

Single Cask Nation, Loch Lomond Croftengea 10 year old, 55.6% ABV, Refill bourbon hogshead cask 486 

Colour: We will call this one "Barely there". It reminds me of a young Ardbeg, almost nothing...

Nose: This is such a full body dram! Maybe it's because I am a little hungry but this smells like a BBQ pulled pork sandwich... it's slightly smoky and meaty. It pulled me into the glass and made my mouth water.

Palate: OILY, rich with a super mouth feel, with a bit of water it becomes creamy sweet/sour experience. This is just as huge on the palate as it was on the nose! 

Finish: Hmmm, this is sweet and slightly peaty finish it's sort of like exhaling those little port soaked cigars from my teenage years! 

Well wow... You Single Cask Nation boys really picked a cracker from this distillery. Jonathan, please keep using some of these whiskies for future Advent Calendars. 

Day 9 started off on the right foot doing something I love to do every year and it certainly finished the right away too. So, from my humble little patch of the #whiskyfabric I wish you all a fantastic Friday. 

 Don't forget to check out what Jonathan's thoughts on today's dram at:

AND... he has a real treat for tomorrow's reveal as he plans on unveiling it on Facebook live so come check it out at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday December 10th. I will certainly be there, I hope you will too!!

Feet up, whisky in glass...  later y'all


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