Friday, December 30, 2016

Lassie's top 12 countdown of 2016 - Number 8 Springbank 16 tradesies

So last year in Campbeltown Graham and I met these two guys: Vit and Damian. They made our couple of days at Springbank probably the most memorable of the entire trip. Between the four of us you had a full bowl of "crazy". Several times I found myself clutching my ribs because I had laughed so much. It was an awesome time. 2016 came along, and Graham would not be travelling to Scotland with me this time. Vit got a hold of me on facebook and asked if we would be at the Campbeltown Festival and I responded with a no. I told him what my plans were, where I would be going and it didn't coincide with their annual trip back to the festival. Bummer....

A few months later, Vit messaged me again to let me know that he had been lucky enough to procure a few bottles of the newly released Springbank 16 Local Barley and the best part, he was willing to save me a bottle for Graham. We just needed to figure out how to get it to me. I wasn't worried about it as the # whiskyfabric comes through in mysterious ways. I didn't tell Graham and was hoping to surprise him. About a month later, I was fortunate enough to arrange a few days in London with my friends Dave & Kiat Worthington, this would allow me to travel with Kat (their daughter) to Scotland and make arrangements to see Vit & Dave. I was super excited! 

Vit accepting his Lot 40
I wanted to make sure I did something really nice for Vit, so while I was visiting Don Livermore in Windsor he made a customized bottle of Lot 40 for him on my behalf. I also brought over a few other bottles of Canadian whisky for consumption purposes ;)

The day came where I got to play tourist and Dave was kind enough to be my guide in London, yet once more. We contacted a few people and had a meet up at the SMWS. I had a fantastic evening with the lot of them. Drams were shared, bottles exchanged and once again my sides hurt from laughing so much. Vit and Dave, were... as crazy as ever. 

The Springbank 16 Local Barley traveled with me for 3 weeks all over Scotland and as tempted as I was to break it open, I didn't. When I arrived home, I unpacked my luggage and presented Graham with the bottle. He was super excited. "Can we open it!!!?", I yelled...  "No", was the answer. I spent the next two months asking on a regular basis if we could open it yet and the answer was NO...  Groan....

I eventually gave up knowing Graham would open it in his own time. The moment finally came when the bottle came up from the basement and the cork was popped! Drams were poured among friends and we enjoyed the whisky. Great discussion, good friends and a fantastic Springbank -> What more could we possibly want. This time though, I TOOK NOTES!  hehe

Springbank 16 Local Barley, 54.3% ABV.

Colour: Golden sunshine

Nose: Springbank at its finest: Damp earth, tomato plant leaves, with a hint of diesel fuel or refinery by-products.

Palate: Sweet, slightly smoky with that distinctive peppery and oily mouthfeel.

Finish: Not as long as some of the other Springbanks I love, but this is warming, spicy and quite satisfying.

This Springbank is a well balanced, delicious dram and other than some of the drams I've had straight out of the barrel at the distillery (There's nothing better than hearing Gavin sing: "Baby your a firework!", this is the best Springbank I've ever had... so far ;)

There's something quite special about knowing people in the #whiskyfabric. There are so many times when simple conversations lead to lasting friendships. An enquiry on Facebook such as, as anyone tried "this" yet, leads to a sample offer. Where the announcement of a trip turns into 12 people going to a festival together for a week. It's what I love so much about being Whiskylassie.

Me.... and "auto correct" Dave!
Thank you Vit for thinking of Graham when this bottle came to the market. It's not something we would have ever seen here. I hope you enjoy the Canadian whiskies I brought over and that I get to see you and Damian again someday soon!


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