Friday, January 24, 2014

Whisky Lassie chases the January blues away - Competition time!

Ministry of Silly Walks - Monty Python
Yes...  I can be very silly sometimes.  I tend to roll with the punches so when Ansgar emailed me a "cartoon" image of myself that her husband's coworker drew of me I chuckled and felt really good for most of the day. The fact that someone took time out from their day to create something quite unique and then gave it to me shows there are wonderful people out there everywhere.

So to reciprocate, I in turn will share my cartoon with all of you and ask you to enter this silly but fun little contest.

Break out your coloring pencils, your crayola crayons or your markers and show me what Lassie - Whisky Ninja Fairy can look like!

I will pick 5 that I absolutely love, place those names in a hat and provide the winner with a 60ml sample of Alberta Premium 30 Year Old, 100% rye whisky made in Canada.  This is a rare bottling that I very much look forward to sharing with the winner!

Contest closes February 15th at midnight PST. Winner's rendition will be my avatar for a little while, so hope you don't mind me posting your lovely work on the twitter "fridge"....  

Thanks all, have fun and get coloring!


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