Monday, January 6, 2014

Drams of the whiskyfabric - Fantastic journey in itself!

So just in case you are not sick of hearing about the wonders of the whiskyfabric, I would like to dedicate my first blog of 2014 to "it". Some trolls & curmudgeons think we are sniffing whisky fabric softener it seems, but to them I say: The best of raspberries because what I have found is one of the best networks I have ever been a part of. I can't thank every single person but many have contributed to fantastic drams for me in 2013 and already in 2014.  I'd like to take a few moments to hit the highlights:

Gal G. for my first dram of 2013: Kavalan! Richard L. for my dram of Shelter Point in BC. 
Michael U. for the Mortlach 21.

Angela D'O. for the fantastic Mackmyra Moment Glöd, Glow Edition. Billy A. for the lovely Bruichladdichs.

Oliver K. for everything, but especially the JW Red from the 60's. Kelly C. for 73.50 - Midnight espresso, OMG! 

Jarred L. for many but notably the Eagle Rare 17. Dave W. the list is too long but notably the Four Roses Yellow Label, Wemyss Spice King and Glenlivet Alpha!

Simon S. for the amazing Karuizawa i won in a football bet. Richard C. for too many, but especially the intro to Still Waters and the sublime: North Port 27 year old. It was a very special dram that I was very grateful to try with him.

Charles M. the Port Ellen 26 from Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask. Ralfy M. for a delish Arran 16. Johanna N. for sharing her lovely Amrut Greedy Angels. That was really a special surprise. 

Ken G. for the intro to Tweeddale, Adrian B. for the Nikka Coffey Grain, Tom T. for EVERYTHING (hehe) but specifically for the lovely Auchentoshans. Ross A. for the amazing Mortlach. 

Steven R. for the many whiskies from his personal collection, notably the Berry Bros & Rudd Invergordon - Sublime! JF P. for the great whisky discoveries he has sent me from day 1, specifically the Eddu Silver and the "Neige" cider.

Andre G. Oh mon dieu! My birthday dram at one o'clock in the morning at the kitchen table Talisker 175th anniversary, highlight of 2013 for me.  John G for the opportunity to sit in NYC and dram an Orangerie together. 

Marc L. for the surreal Macallan M in November, Balblair Distillery for their 1975, Jennifer N. for the Cu Bocan, Compass Box for Hedonism and Igor K. - amazing Dallas Dhu 1979 that I savored for an hour. 

John H for the Forty Creek Heart of Gold, Barry B. for Stalk & Barrel Cask 5, Michael T for Last Mountain Distillery, Davin D for Danfield's 21 and... two more...

Bob C. for the amazing trades of 2013, not to mention the love of two "adopted" aunts. My Christmas eve dram was his Knappogue Castle as we watched the Angel's Share. Perfect dram, thank you :)

AND... Ansgar S for many wonderful samples she sent me but the last dram of 2013 especially. It was probably one of the worst drams I tasted but at the same time best! That dram will forever in my mind represent what the #whiskyfabric is about: The coming together of all parts to make one amazing whole! So thank you madame for the thoughtful and tongue in cheek dram.  It was appreciated.

So I hope I didn't forget anyone, and if I did I apologize. It has been a fantastic year for me as far as trying so many wonderful whiskies and I have many of you to thank. Here is to 2014 and many more trades!  Slainté




  1. Lets make it a very good and fun year! I am very glad that I discovered the #whiskyfabric it is awesome...!

    1. You and me both! It's been a fantastic year of new friendships, lots of great drams and so much more. Look forward to meeting you and many more in 2014.