Monday, January 13, 2014

Real Whisky Woman Project - Video #1, The lovely grand Dames of New Hampshire ride again!

So... a few weeks ago "we" had this crazy idea!? It was a result of what many of us feel is a complete misconception of what a real whisky woman looks like thanks to bad marketing practices mostly.   :/ 

We all joked about it on twitter and facebook but then a few people, Bob Caron included, really started to talk about it and that's when it was born. A video, a message from women from around the world showing everyone who we really are. Will it make a difference? Maybe? Maybe not? But at this point what I do know is that part of the journey is simply "being" and letting this amazing thing I call whisky take me wherever it's suppose to. I am proud to be a whisky woman. The challenge is being thrown out there to the four corners of the #whiskyfabric, and every single weaver! Let's make something very cool, shall we? My idea is to post as many videos as I receive so don't leave me hanging? 

Do you know a real whisky woman? If you do, share this post. If you are a real whisky woman yourself, then get your creative hat on and contact me via twitter @whiskylassie or via email Either way I'd be very happy to hear from any whisky women. 

Nervous? Don't be because if these two wonderful real whisky women can make a video, then so can you.

Ladies & gentlemen, I proudly present: The Grand Dames of New Hampshire. My first lovely and very real whisky women!  HUZZAH!

PSSST... there were out takes too, but we only have the still photos if you want to see those, quite cute actually.

Looking forward to seeing your email, tweet and/or videos soon!



  1. The video is marked as Unlisted, at least for now. Although there's a banner that says "This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing. " - rest assured that it is OK to share this video. We had a real blast making the video. My Aunts didn't want to publish the out-takes but if you have a facebook account, you can see still shots from the shoot, here:
    -Bob Caron

    1. What total fun! I've seen many photos of your aunts, Bob - but it's a real hoot to see video of them. They look like the loveliest people.