Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quick fire heel review - Glendronach 21

Last year we decided that we would take the better part of the month of January and we would try to finish as many dregs or "heels" as I call them. We managed to get 17 out of the way by the end of January. It only made sense to do it again this year but with a twist this time = Whisky & heels party. We asked that participants wear heels (male and female) OR pay $10.00 and they would have the opportunity to try 85 of our open bottles. All the money we raised would go to the local foodbank. 

40 people showed up and we did indeed have a great night. 7 bottles were drained, we said our sad goodbyes but all for a very good cause. Since the party, Graham and I have continued emptying some of those heels. We finished a lovely bottle of Glendronach Parliament 21 year old last night. I was truly heartbroken to see that one go, as Glendronach offerings were a lovely find for 2013 and I have several in my personal collection to get through. 

This was heel #13 and as I sat with my glass I realized I had never reviewed this one. We opened it for the sheer pleasure in February. So last night I took a few moments to put to paper what I thought, after all I am keeping a record again this year of all the lovely drams I will be trying. 

One of the best things about most of the Glendronach's is that they spend their entire existence in a sherry cask. That's correct, the maturation takes place in the finest sherry butts.
If you've ever had one the color is totally natural. They are the epitome of what I define as a sherry bomb! If you want to learn a little more about them, please click here:

Glendronach Parliament 21 year old

Color: Dark mahogany wood. Legs are long, thick and quite slow. 

Nose: Dark rich red plums followed by date squares. Chocolate covered coffee beans.

Palate: Rum soaked golden sultanas, rich and full bodied. Then the spices hit: Steamed Christmas pudding, oh droool!!!

Finish: Quite drying in nature and very tannic. Still quite fruity with lots of spice though. Delish.

Empty glass: Cloves, cloves and more cloves. 

Truly an enjoyable dram and for a 21 year old quite affordable. Next to the 15 which is one of my absolute favorite sherry bombs, I would highly recommend this bottling for anyone looking to further their discoveries into the world of sherry matured whiskies!  Really sad to see it go and will likely buy it again sometime in 2014. Available in Alberta, Ontario, BC and Quebec at this time and varies from $120 - $177 per bottle.



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