Friday, November 15, 2013

Weirdest place to discuss whiskies??

Well...  after the day I had at work yesterday I certainly felt like I was the statue. I went home with a migraine, exhausted and felt utterly defeated. 
Sometimes my job REALLY gets to me but once home and a little TLC is applied I usually bounce back. Moving on - DING!  
Today is Friday and I really wanted to start off the day on the right footing. Well, that didn't happen and so far this one is going into: the pigeon shit on me phase again!  
So I took a few minutes this morning, made a coffee and went to read a few things on the twitter & facebook machine however nothing struck my fancy there so I clicked on my archives file & read a few old blogs I had posted when Graham and I first started "Perfect Whisky Match". 
I was hoping to find something comforting or funny to cheer me up. It is with great amusement that I clicked on the following and giggled for about 10 minutes - morning saved! So, I'm posting it here and now, hopefully you get a good laugh too! 
Originally published in April 2012, read on if you dare and have a great weekend...  hehe..

Post: I'm not going to go into all the details as I fear some people may poke their eyes out with the mental imaging I may create, HOWEVER: I have just come back from a doctor's appointment as it was time for my yearly "women's" check-up. I went through the motions and assumed the position. 
In walks doctor, I'm advised to "scooch down" and away we go, me with my eyes closed trying to picture myself on a night beach in the Dominican and preparing myself for the duck lips. (Sorry guys...)

You can imagine my complete surprise as the doctor had her hands, errrr full, and said: "So, did I read in the paper you are doing a ladies only whisky tasting on the 20th? I like Scotch from Ireland a lot but haven't tried very many. What are some you would recommend?"

Being the enthusiast I am, I proceeded to answer the 20 questions she had about it as well as provide a bit of guidance and education, i.e Irish whiskey is not Scotch as well as made a few recommendations she should consider.  

All in all, the entire appointment was spent talking whisky while she was busy doing her thing. When "we" were done, she thanked me for the whisky 101 lesson and I thanked her for the maintenance check (for a lack of a better term?!).  I walked back to work thinking to myself, whoa... that was a bit weird?!  

So, I'm curious my blog followers: PLEASE comment on this post and tell me where is the weirdest place you have ever found yourself in the middle of a great conversation about whisky.  

I can tell you that legs up in stirrups staring at the top of my doctor's head during a pap test is certainly at the top of the list for me!

Somewhere on my personal whisky trail giggling... 



  1. When I first started my whisky journey, I felt that I had a lot of catching-up to do. There was only so much research that could be done before I had to start drinking. Three months later, I'm at the doctor for the routine check-up and blood-work. The tests showed an elevated biliruben level. I thought I could get out of being sent for a liver ultrasound if I talked about my temporary increase of alcohol consumption. So, we talked whisky for a bit but she sent me for an ultrasound anyway. That came back inconclusive and then she sent me for a CT scan. That showed nothing to worry about and by the time I had my next blood-work done, I was back to normal. The Doc said I probably have Gilbert's syndrome, meaning I don't regulate biliruben as effectively as other people and one of the things that can aggravate it is dehydration. I told her that I'm definitely guilty of not drinking much water during my crash course in Whisky 101. I was back for my annual check-up a few weeks ago and everything is looking great but I certainly left an impression on the doctor. She looked at me and said, "You're the guy with the whisky experiment, right?".

    1. LOL! Love it... "Whisky Experiment"... nice.....

  2. I don't think I can top this one Johanne. Thanks for the mid-day chuckle. Weirdest place that I have ever found myself in the middle of a great conversation about whisky would be in a hockey arena dressing room, post-game, in a state of semi-to-full undress, either pre-shower, in the shower or post-shower. Happens more often than you might think :)

    1. I'd be up for that :) Errrr, I mean... never mind... hehehe