Wednesday, September 9, 2015

And back... A month of Feis Ile reviews, reports and stories!

Hello lovely readers!  

It's been a fantastic summer where I live and breathe and the fact that I haven't posted anything in awhile is testament to that. We returned from our annual pilgrimage to Scotland on Saturday June 6th and low and behold, less then a week later we purchased a sailboat. That pretty much dictated what I would be doing for the rest of the summer, weather permitting. So, I figured June - September, there were going to be some rainy writing days somewhere, right!? Wrong... 

We have had the best summer in the history of summers here on the east coast of Canada and I have spent almost every waking moment on our lovely boat.

It's really hard to stay focused on writing or for that matter drinking whisky when it's simply hot, windy and gorgeous outside. (Sorry to all my UK friends who had a really crappy summer)...

But... it's September and the days may still be warm however the winds of change are upon us as the sun sets earlier and earlier. So, in the darkness of the nights to come I will be writing about my experience on Islay during Feis Ile 2015. I have some great recommendations and... some not so fabulous reviews. 

If you are curious or have Feis Ile on your list of "to do" festivals, these might provide you with some insight, ideas or at the very least advice on what to see, do and possibly avoid. You may think it's a bid odd to post these now during the months of September/October... 

However, the one piece of advice I will give immediately is that if you are planning on attending Feis Ile 2016 -> GET YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS in order now!  Islay has a limited amount of hotels, b&b's or self catering cottages. At least have that reserved before the end of 2015 otherwise you may find yourself sleeping in a tent next to the ocean... Which might sound romantic but trust me - it's not!

So that's what coming...  First review will be of Bruichladdich Day. It was a humdinger, if I do say so myself, right Steffen?!

Stay tuned!


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