Friday, September 12, 2014

Speed nosing/tasting = Speed dating some "handsome" drams....

So a few years ago 6 bloggers got together on twitter and we did some speed nosing/tasting. For some it was quite serious, for others like myself, well I likened it to speed dating so decided I would write about it from that perspective. I really had fun with it, hope you enjoy the read...  :)

From the archives of Whiskylassie....

DING! Go. So, tell me about yourself I said to the first one as he sat in the chair in front of me.

My name is Uigeadail and I am 54.2%ABV (big smile). I come from an island called Islay. I'm blond with highlights of amber and I've got long strong legs. Hmmm, I thought... I knew he was nervous I could smell him from across the table: Earthy like, like wet moss. He must have eaten red cherry lifesavers before he came in. I think he was a smoker because when he talked it reminded me of ashes. Can I kiss you I said, hoping not to sound too forward. I was right. He tasted like a wet ashtray and something that reminded me of PVC piping. I was sort of interested but his finishing moves were too fresh, fairly short and to the point. He did make a few spicy comments, but they rubbed me like white pepper. Here, but quickly forgotten. Not what I was in the mood for at all. DING! (Thank God I thought, moving on)

Well hello there sweet young thing!? I'm PC6 he whispered, or at least that's what I think he said, pretty thick accent?? What's your ABV I said as he kissed my lips. It was mouthwatering and he reeked of rum raisin ice cream? He didn't really get my jokes and sense of humor is important to me but he wasn't exactly boring to sit with by any means. I was really hoping for a smouldering fire but got very little smoke or flame. As he reached over and caressed my cheek he whispered, I'm 61.6%. Cheeky monkey, trying to take advantage of me, the nerve! He came on strong, and really could make probably make an uneducated younger woman feel good but I knew better and simply smiled for the rest of the round letting myself swim in those lovely smouldering eyes. If only I was 10 years younger. DING! Moving on, next!!!

 Hey there little lady he said with a swagger and wearing a 10 gallon hat! WTF is this?? Smooth talker, so sweeeeeeeet he reminded me of a tall cool glass of root beer float on a hot summer night. But if you sat close enough you could smell that his hat must have been stored next to the fireplace he had in his basement back home in Texas! I think I detected some soot or creosote? I asked if I could kiss him, sure he said in his drawl. I think he had just eaten a greasy pork sandwich? MY WORD and what a powerful flavor that left behind. Oddest fellow I've ever met really? Left me quite perplexed and a bit surprised. I don't think I was his type because his finish was as long as the Jeopardy song, here and gone...? He stood up and said "Balcones ma'am", tipped his hat as the the bell went off and the last of the four speed dates arrived.

OH MY!? This one has Alligator boots on and an eye patch that says 51.2%. Nice I think, I can handle that, but the boots??? He seems sweet, bit quiet. Quite seductive and inviting. His aftershave smells a bit floral with a hint of banana or pineapple, something fruity and clean smelling. I found myseld quite attracted to this one and had to kiss him. It was intoxicating, hard and long. He tasted of smoky charcoal and delicious orange marmalade. My mouth watered and it left me slightly light headed but wanting more. DING! 

The speed round was done and as I watched the four lovely characters I had just met I decided the alligator boots could be overlooked. I spent the rest of the evening with that one, what a dram!

Speed nosing/tasting is not for the feint at heart and honestly it was more fun than educational in nature. 

It was lots of fun with and I often found myself giggling my ass off trying to keep up.  In the end, I tried 4 lovely smoky drams with Alligator coming out on top as my favorite that day and spent an hour with friends from all over the world sharing a great experience.


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