Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The water dram - Deveron 12

Having just come back from a month away in the UK, the smell of 'home' always makes me smile because there is a briny aroma in the air as soon as you step off the plane and you only get that when you live next to the sea (Sorry New York or Toronto...)

The last thing I wanted to do when I got home was drink more whisky!? I was offered a few drams but found myself using the designated driver excuse. It seemed as though I was slightly whisky'ed out! Yes, it does happen...  trust me!

Before I left, back in April I received a bottle of Deveron 12 as a gift. It was a lovely surprise and we immediately opened it. Just so happens we were away, having rented a lovely cottage on the Atlantic Ocean. We spent the whole weekend watching fishing boats, sunsets and relaxing. I told Graham several times how much I thought the whisky was simply perfect for the entire weekend. Then yesterday, unbeknownst to me, Graham packed the Deveron 12, a few glasses in his backpack and we went down to finish getting our sailboat ready for the season. It was a lovely surprise when he pulled it out and it made perfect sense that it be the first dram of the sailing season. Suddenly my whisky appetite was back!

Our friend Peter was working away on his boat so we also poured and offered him a small dram. There we were the three of us, whisky in hand talking about our plans, hoping for fabulous weather, great destinations and many days/nights on the water. 

I didn't spend any time making notes about this whisky. Didn't even so much as take a photo. It was about being in the moment, sharing a great whisky and creating the first memory of my 2016 sailing season. I watched as Graham finished his dram and put the half empty bottle back in his bag. It didn't take long for me to realize how much we both really love this whisky and it's because it speaks to us as people who live next to the ocean. Living on the eastern seaboard molds you as a person. You learn to go with flow, slow down sometimes, not take life too seriously and most of all, the sense of community. As I stood there looking at all the sailboats at our club it was easy to see why I love this place so much.

Deveron 12 envelopes me as the perfect maritime dram should. I'll add it's also excellent value for money since it's still quite an affordable whisky (£26 in UK, $45 US). Graham asked me if I wanted to keep the bottle on the boat to which I answered: "Bad idea, it will be long gone before the end of the season". I thought about that later on in the evening as I was watching a bit of television. Why didn't I want to keep it on the boat? What was wrong with drinking the bottle, it's whisky... that's what we are supposed to do with it. I'm a huge advocate of opening, sharing and finishing bottles so why had I suddenly become a little stingy with this one?

And then I just stopped trying to analyze the situation and accepted the fact that I see Deveron 12 as "our water dram". It's become something special that Graham and I share when the moment calls for it. Forever linked to a weekend away, alone, watching fishing boats, sunsets and relaxation. There is absolutely no shame in not wanting to share that with too many people, now is there?  ;)

Deveron 12, 40% ABV

Nose: Malty, sweet, green apples or pears. Summer orchard.

Palate: Light, delicate with a briny undertone. Sweet, like tinned peaches. 

Finish: Doesn't linger, slightly tannic but still sweet.

This is a very well balanced whisky, that if opened for the right occasion will forever stay imprinted on the memory. It's a lovely dram indeed!

Here's to discovering your favourite drams of 2016, may they be as wonderful as the moment calls for. Slainté!


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  1. I have seen this one around but I've been hesitant about it. Some other reviews weren't as kind. I trust you and Graham and for only 45 bucks - what the hell. I'll give it a go. - Bob Caron.