Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Captain's log - French whisky mission concluded

Captain's log, stardate 20148.12. I've just finished the last of the French whisky samples sent to me by first officer Franck Debernardi from the Cave de Cobalt colony near the region of Europe on planet Earth. The 5 samples were logically well presented and took me on an interesting journey into the unknown realm of what is known as French Whiskies.
It has been a very strange journey at times leaving me wondering where the future of world whiskies will go in the next 10-15 years. Franck completed his mission and provided several crew members from around planet earth as well as the nether regions (Gal Granov) with enough whisky to peak their interest or in the very least provide a whetted appetite for what is to come for this region of whisky making.
Sample 5 caught be a bit by surprise after the disastrous encounter with sample #4 spirit which caused me to express in my native Klingonese: "nugDag 'oH 'oH puchpa' 'e' . Small disappointment comparably, hence we have learned and moved on with the mission. 

Sample 5 on the nose was very pleasant. The sherry influence was noticeable immediately. I could detect the aromas of cherries covered in dark chocolate. It reminded me of a cherry blossom candy bar I would have eaten in my youth. The next thing I could clearly detect was a bit of a sulphurous compound. Not enough to be off putting and I have a sense that Captain Oliver Klimek from the Dramming.com region would have appreciated the smell of this dram greatly, however
Jim Murray from the Borg clan would not, crying: "Resistance is futile, assimilation into bourbon regions is imminent". 

But I digress....  I happen to like a rich smelling whisky and this one certainly did not disappoint. On the palate, the whisky is a bit harsh at first but the flavor profile is balanced and the meaty rich flavor is there as well.  It's a "stick to your ribs" sort of whisky that evokes having eaten a large roast beef supper with gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed carrots. (again, food from my youth)... It has a superb mouthfeel that I really enjoyed.
The finish, albeit tannic and very dry was somewhat pleasant.  After adding a few drops of water, I settled into writing my project reports and slowly sipped at this very interesting style of whisky.  

After deciding how I felt about this particular whisky I was reminded how France is not remotely close to being one of the top whisky makers on planet earth, and yet from the historical reports I have seen, the French are one of the biggest importers. As planet earth becomes more diverse and whiskies become more readily available, I often wonder if the imbibers situated on all 7 continents will move away from whiskies from Scotland (especially) and delve into the unknown regions such as France? I for one have no fear to revisit them and very much look forward to adding these fairly rare whiskies to my personal collection.

The reveal: Uberach Alsace Whisky, Whisky Live Paris, 10th edition from 2013. 46.7% ABV.  Distilled in 2003 and matured in Banyuls casks. A very rare whisky that I am lucky to have tried. Once again thank you to Franck for sending me these lovely samples and allowing me to experience yet another great whisky adventure. I do hope to return to France and imbibe again with you, soon.
Merci Franck, merci France, merci #whiskyfabric pour les possibilités et les aventures que vous m'accorder très souvent!



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