Friday, August 8, 2014

From stud to dud....

I just had one of the weirdest moments I've ever had drinking whisky and it was called sample 4 of the French whiskies Franck Debernardi sent me. 

I am surviving day 4 of being on the road for work. After finishing the day at the last of the 4 delivery sites, it was 4:00 and I was leaving for four (errrr for) the hotel room extremely happy to be done. Picked up the coworker and we drove back mostly in silence, both exhausted after another long day of last minute headaches. We made plans to meet later for supper.  

I went straight to pour a hot bath and brought in sample 4 (noticing the trend here folks?!). Now, you'll notice I typed HOT bath... apparently at the hotel we are staying at that might cost extra. I ended up with lukewarm or maybe outdoor pool temperature. Oh well, I thought, it's my last night, I've made it through 4 not so great days on the road, I can do this, plus I have a whisky!!! So, grab towel, lower lights, pour whisky and slip into hot, errrr warm bath.  Not bad, I thought as I let myself sink all the way to my nose. 

When I was a kid I loved taking a bath, I would purposely lay my ears under the water to drown out any sounds.  Peace, serenity...  I have always gone there when I need to step off the world so to speak and that's where I was quickly able to go.  I opened my eyes for a moment seeing the whisky sitting there as quietly as I was.  I reached for the glass and brought it to my nose. Rich butterscotch, lots of cereal and weirdly enough dill pickles!  I giggled out loud. (I better not be pregnant = second coming of the anti-christ, I assure you...)

I took my time, sat in the warm'ish tub for about 30 minutes, picking up the whisky from time to time. Unlike the temperature of my bath water, the smell of the whisky didn't change much other than sometimes smelling like a cognac. Odd I thought?  I don't recall a whisky not changing when it sits in the glass a while?? As I started to feel cold, I decided it was time to leave the tub and make my way to the bed. Whisky in hand, I grabbed my whisky book and wrote my nosing information.  Then I tasted it. Seriously, I really wish I hadn't.  

Palate: Lemon scented nail polish remover! I sputtered, and made faces like a few cartoons I recall watching as a kid.  Good gracious gravy boats!? This was just awful tasting!? I decided to add water. BAD IDEA #2... It completely fell apart -> soapy lemon nail polish remover with a nasty aftertaste that made me want to brush my teeth immediately!?  More sputtering!

Well... what a way to end day 4. Naked in a towel, brushing my teeth and regretting ever meeting sample #4...  Then again, in my twenties that did happen a few times with a few dates, errrrrrrrr but I digress and that's a different blog all together!? I can't help but wonder if Franck deliberately threw in a red herring to see if people would be honest!? The other options are my sample went sour or my nose/taste buds are completely shot???  I'm hoping for #2 for #4, because option #1 or #3 are possible but not likely?!  Confused yet... No?  Good.

Oh... and the reveal...  It was: Secale, Domaine des Hautes Glaces, Single Organic Malted Rye, 56% spirit.  Not quite a whisky yet... and well enough, maybe after it has spent much more time in barrels it will improve.

Sorry Franck, this one simply gave me shivers and I didn't even finish it.  Yesterday I accidentally spilled some of sample 3, almost wish it had been this one. 

Here's hoping that the last of the French invasion sets me straight and is lovely.  No matter what comes, this has been a fun experience.


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