Sunday, April 22, 2012

Collingwood, not just a place in Ontario but a half decent mixing whisky too!

Well, well, well...   Just when I thought there still might not be a Canadian whisky on the market that might give Forty Creek a run for its money, I find this at a Whisky tasting event in Halifax NS.  COLLINGWOOD. 

So impressed was I (and I'm not talking after I had had my 15th dram), that we bought a bottle for our collection, a bottle for the Society and soon thereafter had a friend pick up another bottle for the ladies tasting I was hosting (as it's not available in my province yet, NB).  It's another example of a great Canadian whisky for the price.  From the ladies tasting, even though it did rank last against the 5 single malts we also had, many wanted to purchase a bottle and have it as a summer "sipping" whisky.  My job here is done!   LOL!

I had a brief conversation with Davin de Kergommeaux (Canadian Whisky guru!) via email about Collingwood and I loved his description of the fact that the water began as glacial melts over 10,000 years ago.  How quietly and beautifully "Canadian", just like this great little whisky.   Not available throughout Canada just yet but I think it will be the more people get to know it.  I'm positive we will see this one win many awards. 
Collingwood Canadian Whisky on Nottawasaga Bay 

Color:  Deep golden yellow.  Not an overly viscous whisky and the legs are fairly stringy and very close together.

Nose:  Very aromatic!  The smell hit me hard:  Loaded French toast (Vanilla, maple syrup and buttery).  Very sweet, almost borderline sticky toffee candy.  Hints of cherry (sweet dark red fruit). 

Palate:  Not dry at all!  It made my mouth water.  Maple tree sap (I'm from the east coast!), light hint of caramel but not overly sweet.  Had a hint of slight bitter at the back, like almonds about to go "off".  Just a pinch of harsh (I'm assuming from Rye). 

Finish:  Warm, sweet, medium to long finish that warms the belly and makes you smile. 

Empty glass:  Still beautiful, aromatic with hints of maple and dark red cherries.

Overall, I'd rate this as one of the best Canadian Whiskies available under $50.00 and I can't wait to sit on the back deck this summer, my whisky tumbler in hand with a bit of Collingwood on ice. 

Somewhere, skipping along my fantastic Canadian whisky trail!


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