Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Arran Malt Westie Limited Edition 1998, I'll leave it for the dogs...

SHE SAID:  I had originally hoped for a bottle of the Peacock, however it was sold out.  I "settled" for the Westie instead.  I was a bit nervous my disappointment might affect my first dram.   We own several Arran's and I love them all.  I love that these are non-chill filtered and that they have no caramel.  They are a great new Island distillery (1995) making a name for themselves.  I love this region of Scotland and the flavors the majority of them have.  I tend to drink them in the fall, a bit in the winter and in the spring. 

Would I get another bottle of the Westie, probably not.  Unfortunately, I was not overly impressed with the dram. Maybe my opinion will change, otherwise it might take some time to drink this bottle.  I could simply save it for when my whisky drinking friends come over (that's an invite for any of you who live close by!)

Color:  Late season straw (golden).  Legs very close and stringy.  A bit viscous as it stuck to the glass, in general.

Nose:  Vanilla but very creamy.  Reminded me of Tortuga rum cake I had in the Bahamas.  Sweet, creamy and a bit of spice. 

Palate:  Not oily, but sort of like buttery oak.  I got a hint of metallic (?).  Something very citrus, but zingy like orange zest.

Finish:  A bit dry, leaves a prickly mouth feel that lingers a bit.  Hint of peppery at the back.  Very waming in nature.

Empty glass:  Still a hint of vanilla and a bit of spice.

I REALLY wanted that Peacock! 

Somewhere on the whisky trail brooding (hehehe!)


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