Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lassie's top 12 countdown of 2016, Number 4 Best value for $ whisky of the year

I was wandering around the Celebrate Whisky Show in March in Halifax Nova Scotia. I had tried everything I wanted and was mostly making conversation and taking a few photos. Graham came over and said: "Have you made it over to the Canadian whisky tables yet?". I looked down at my list, apparently I had overlooked two that I was looking to try that night. We headed over in that direction. First one I tried wasn't bad but it wasn't quite my style. I found it a bit too oaky for my liking. I was a bit worried as I headed over to the second table. When I arrived there was nobody at the table (Geeez I hate that...) and I asked for a pour. What followed was great conversation with the distillery owner, a trip to the distillery twice since then and many, MANY bottles purchased.

Caldera Hurricane 5 blended Canadian whisky caught my attention and blew me out of the water. Why you ask? Because it's a great sipping whisky for an extremely affordable price! In a world where some of these price hikes have stopped us dead in our tracks from buying some of our favourites, this was a breathe of fresh air. When I asked why this was so "cheap" he stated: "Because I want everyone to be able to drink good whisky at a great price". Well, wow... honest and not looking to gouge the public! Can you say I'm a client for life!?

I wrote about Caldera earlier this year:

Graham and I have gone through 4 bottles of this since March, we've also ensured friends in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec get bottles. It's truly a lovely whisky that is well worth the price tag. He's working on getting this available across Canada and it's just been released in some part of the USA as well.

Jarret, I very much look forward to trying other products as you evolve as a distillery. Thank you so much for Hurricane 5. For as long as we can buy it, it will be our "boat" whisky...  guaranteed!



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