Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lassie's top 10 memorable drams for 2015 - #8 Here's to fantastic whisky friends

If you haven't already been sickened by my constant comments about the #whiskyfabric, well maybe you should go get a bag, just in case... Because I'm not about to stop now. ;)

There are very few parts of the #whiskyfabric that I don't enjoy. For instance, Scott Munro @KiltedMoose greeting me at the door of the Bon Accord pub and saying with open arms: "Welcome home Lassie" (Seriously did bring tears to my eyes ;)). People like Jo Lawson @AlpacaJo who constantly check in with you when you are not feeling well and managing to make you giggle with a kind word or lovely poem. The likes of Rick Culver @rmculver and @OliverKlimek who not only come to visit but bring fantastic things for us to have (not even whisky related!). Erik and Laura Burgess @TheWhiskyKiwi & @LauraWBurgess organizing a huge #whiskyfabric get together for 2016 at the Artisan near Glasgow. Getting surprise packages from those I have met along the way: Jacqueline Sutherland @WemyssJacque, Jarred Lindale @thecyclingyogi or Bob Caron @Bob_Caron. These are simply but a few examples I will mention but I assure you there are 100's of other moments for 2015 that were near and dear to my heart from whisky friends, brothers and sisters (you know who you are!) 

Case in point. Dram #8 is dedicated to those of us who care enough about our whisky friends that when we get something special, we share it. Samples travel all over the world in one form or another. I am never without 15-20 when I'm travelling and excited to give them out when I reach my destination. This is but a very small list of people who shared samples with me this year: Beth Havers - @Whiskybeth, Tom Tompson - @ifotou, Dave Worthington - @WhiskyDiscovery, Dan Davies - @Whisky_Yak, Dave Alcock - @whiskyrepublic, Anki Ulvmane - @ulvmane, Dustin Harris - @TheN5Of Ontario, AndrĂ© Girard - @AndreQCWhisky and Benoit Bailey - @RatherBeOnIslay. 

THANK YOU for not only sharing the lovely whiskies with me and others all over the globe but truly being the epitome of that large crazy quilt I call #whiskyfabric.

DRAM#8, Courtesy of Franck Debernardi, prolific whisky blogger and maker of the best Osso Buco, @LaCavedeCobalt:


Nose: Herbal (That surprised me...?) Almost smells like menthol cigarettes. It reminds me of a dusty old library book too. Spices come next - ginger especially at the forefront. 

Palate: Tannic with hints of Earl Gray tea, woody but not in a bad way, visually I'm getting fresh cut pine trees. Sweet like rum soaked raisins. Quite mouthwatering indeed!

Finish: Walking in a forest after after rainfall. I had a hard time describing it. It's almost like the taste of a truffle right out of the ground.

One of the best Karuizawa's I've ever had and completely different then the others. I didn't really get much of the sherry influence and I was truly surprised by the flavours and how the taste lingered. It was truly a memorable dram. Thanks Franck ever so much for constantly sharing memorable and intriguing drams with all us of...  xox

Now the funny part of this particular dram is that (again because I also prescribe to sharing) I decided that I should open it with my father-in- law, George. He poured it for us in "these" glasses and later when I asked him what he thought of the dram his answer was: "Really good whisky". I prodded a bit: "So what stood out for you?" He looked at his empty glass and without skipping a beat he answered: "It was moorish but you would have to give me more for me to figure that out...."

So, I raise a dram to all of you, wherever you are. Thank you for making 2015 a fun and heartwarming year for this Canadian Lassie. 

If someone bestows upon you the gift of a special dram, pay it back or pay it forward. It is, after all what I feel being part of this lovely "thing" is all about. Life, is simply too short to have your bottles sitting on a shelf. Share, enjoy, appreciate.




  1. Thanks for the mention.
    It puts a smile on my face to both give or receive a sample dram of something that someone thought was special. Regardless of whether it was a dram of something low priced or high priced . It's the thought that counts.
    Sharing is a big part of #whiskyfabric.


    1. You are certainly one of the most generous of the Canadian #whiskyfabric dear sir!