Monday, January 5, 2015

Dry January what??? #Heelslayer January for this Lassie

So many of my whisky friends have pledged to have a dry January. Today is only the 5th day of the new year and already some of them seem to be awfully grumpy. I suppose it's not helping that I as well as others are posting all the lovely whiskies we are drinking and in my case I'm quite the opposite in thinking as every year my challenge is to get rid of as many whisky heels (bottles 2/3 empty) by the end of January. It helps that I have many friends and a mid month party to help me accomplish that. I assure you we don't spend the entire month of January in a whisky induced haze. If anything, our consumption is done on a much more moderate basis as we seem to limit ourselves to 1 to 2 drams and not even every evening. As a matter of fact, I haven't had a whisky since January 2nd. So, it's not like we are obsessed with getting rid of the whisky by any means.

Dry January? Now I know some people do it as a fundraiser, that's fine but for those who are not I was a bit perplexed so I did a bit of research and found that many health professionals are in agreement when they say that for the heavy to moderate drinker this "dry January thing" is total bull feces and if anything will only cause some people to drink more for the rest of the year. Overindulgence during the holidays leads to an overtired liver and bloated tummy and so I get it, some people are on a perpetual food/alcohol hangover so they think by crying out: That's it, I'm going to detox and drink not a drop of alcohol for the entire month of January!" they are doing their body good. But the reality is, they are not. 

They spend a month of abstinence staring obsessively at the date they can pour their first of many whiskies and statistics show February 1st is now one of the busiest days for pubs and bars. 

Wouldn't it simply make more sense to take the time to consciously make it a point to drink in moderation let's say 360 days a year or better yet, maybe designate one day a week as alcohol free? That would be 52 days of sober/year and a weekly detox for your liver all in the name of good health and moderation without giving up on something you enjoy doing. It really shouldn't have to be feast or famine, should it? Just sayin people, just sayin...

Good luck to all the lot of you who have decided to try this but with that said today I'm starting my month of #heelslaying. Out with the old, time to clean out the bar and finish off some of those whiskies I've been desperately clutching to for whatever reason. Last year's total was 26. How far will I get this year, with a little help from all my friends of course :) 

FAIR WARNING - Many photos of my heelslaying will appear on facebook and twitter so beware you poor dried out souls, it's going to be a tough month. For the rest of you I issue a challenge! Holding on to that last sip of Yamazaki 18 for a special occasion or the 124 samples sitting in a cardboard box full of dust? YEAH THOSE, it's time to get rid of them and get your #heelslayer on. Have fun, be safe and post those photos. Share your empties as well as your memories with me please! 

Friendly competitions always welcomed. Might even consider sending a rare sample out to anyone who beats me :) Cheers all and have a great January no matter where or how you choose to live it.

Let the #heelslaying begin!



  1. I have a real hard time finishing something that is expensive or hard to get. I usually end up filling a 100ml bottle and stowing it away. I started slaying some of the easy game last month and my goal is to get all open bottles to fit back in my cabinet. Having cardboard boxes of whisky here and there is ridiculous. Good luck with your project but I don't have a deadline. - Bob Caron

  2. The moderation things is proven again.

  3. Very well said! Moderation in all things. I've also got a few whisky heels lingering in the cabinet, and I should try to make some space this month!

    Also, I'm jealous that you had a few drops of Laphroaig 15 to finish off! I sipped away my last few measures before I found out it was discontinued (or else I would probably still have a heel of it lurking!)