Wednesday, May 28, 2014

20 things I learned about Scotland, so far...

Hello lovely people of the #whiskyfabric!!! Sorry I haven't been writing but with no access to a laptop or the internet on a regular basis (long story), I have been very much unable to post anything since my first week away. Let me bring you up to speed...  I've been gone for 33 days!  All of which were spent in Scotland. I've been to the Speyside area, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Arran, Campbeltown, and a few places in between. It has truly been a magical trip so far.

I do plan on writing many posts about my experiences as 95% of them have been most memorable. It's like Disney world for whisky enthusiasts!!! But for now I'm going to do a recap of what I learned about being "in Scotland"...

1. You CANNOT buy coffee cream anywhere! So, drinking morning coffee has been a very interesting experience!?

2. To my friend Linda's utter disgust: They do not have bug screens on windowns or doors and if you ask them, they don't know what they are.

3. As a visitor to Scotland you are expected to eat a big Scottish breakfast EVERY morning!

4. "They" don't have an accent, "we" do...

5. I am automatically considered an American until I say I'm from Canada, then I get laughter and a huge apology.

6.  DO NOT try to go anywhere on a Wednesday afternoon after 1:30pm (just about everything closes down for "market day")

7. The only thing most young people know about Canadians, they have learned on South Park.

8. Drinking beer here is apparently safer and more tasty than water.

9. Whisky in Scotland is twice as expensive than in Canada.

10. If you don't understand the person speaking to you, smile and look like a deer in head lights... They will know immediately to rephrase or speak more slowly.

11. Nobody here wears Ughs and I can't tell you how refreshing that is!

12. You shall and will dance at a Ceilidh and it won't matter how much you plead injury or shyness.

13. Haggis.... IS GREAT! Especially with a whisky sauce.

14.  Scottish people are are amazingly wonderful & patient with tourists.

15. Friends are easily found, and sharing whiskies even easier.

16. Taxi drivers KNOW ALL, trust me on that one.

17. The Bonaccord in Glasgow is the MUST go to bar, double trust me on that one. Tell Paul Whiskylassie sent you...

18. There are more sheep in Scotland than people (hehehe)...

19. There are no faceclothes and in some cases, bringing your own toilet paper is a good idea (not kidding).

20. If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. We saw hail, snow, sunshine, fog, mist, rain and heard thunder all in the same afternoon.

Words of wisdom, I assure you. Feel free to add your own in the comments section. Stay tuned for posts.  Will do them as soon as I can!

Next part of my journey takes me to Bristol and other parts of the UK. 

I bid a very sad farewell to Scotland.  I will indeed be back...


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