Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SINGLE DIGITS to #WhiskyfabricRoadtrip.... Gulp...



I say this with great enthusiasm, a bit of squealing and no exaggeration I assure you...  In case you have been living under a rock or simply don't read my blog, in 9 days I leave for UK/Europe for 10 weeks. My journey starts at the "cradle" of whisky in Speyside, Scotland and makes its way through 6 other countries namely:  France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark & Sweden.  I have no idea how many people, distilleries or whiskies I am about to be introduced to? 

The trip originally was planned in 2012 and was supposed to be for 2 weeks in Scotland.  Over the course of that time (mainly 2013) it grew, and grew and GREW!  

The support I have received (and I'm not even other there yet) has been overwhelming. The offers to experience some pretty unique things - priceless. My only worry is how to get all the whisky home? hehehe

I have tried to plan some downtime so that I can blog weekly about my adventures.  I assure you, these will be filled with hilarity and sometimes confusion but wonderful stories. I hope to share the outpouring of kindness that has been extended to me to the point where you, the reader feel you are along side me on this massive epic #whiskyfabricRoadtrip.  (Please bring a map, I get lost a lot... )

So, hang on... don't laugh at me too much as you revel in my stories. 

Part 1 begins April 25th where we take off for Scotland.  Stay tuned and thank you in advance for sticking around.  

As for those about to experience the weird & wacky Lassie...  This picture pretty much sums it all up. You've been warned :) If you don't believe me ask the people of New York:  @cooperedtot @WhatTastesGood @whiskygirls or @boozedancing.