Monday, March 31, 2014

Ode to a whisky tasting...

Courtesy of Kim McMillan (@Iamkimmcmillan)
Whisky tastings...  I host them often enough.  I get asked to do them more and more it seems and I'm not complaining because, of course, I'm passionate... ok obsessed with whisky.  I love to experience every adventure fully and I love to be a part of other people's adventures too.  So when I was asked if I'd be interested in doing a tasting at Ducky's Bar in Sackville NB of course I said:  Yuck Feah!  Or something like that :)

As most of you who do this on a regular basis know there is a planning phase, preparation involves getting a presentation ready, set up, take down, etc.. The tasting sold out and unfortunately we had to turn people away. 

The afternoon was awesome.  People seemed to be enjoying themselves and the whiskies.  They were a great bunch as well.  Lots of good questions, many were enthusiasts and as always the din of the conversations would grow louder and louder as we went through the whiskies one by one.  Line up:

Aberlour A'bunadh
Amrut Fusion (to show other good whiskies exists)
Auchentoshan Three Wood
Glen Garioch 1994
Highland Park 12 w/dark chocolate pairing
Jura Prophecy
Laphroaig 18
Longrow w/honey wheat ale pairing

But what happened after the tasting was done is what prompted me to write this blog.  A very funny & well known local regular wrote a poem and presented it to all of us at the end of the session. He didn't give it a name, so I did. Ladies and gentlemen I present:  


We're drinkin' Scotch at Ducky's we're gettin' frikken' lit
If anybody wants a rush this is fuckin' it!

There's Scotch from the Highlands and from the Lowlands too
And after two or three more shots I'll get as drunk as you

There's whisky drinks from India that Mike won't list for sale
Next time we take a slug of Scotch we'll chase it back with Ale

The Highland Park with Choc'late was wicked friggin' good
It tasted so damn sexy I nearly got the wood

The chick that sells this poison sure knows her freakin' stuff
And this'll getcha nicely lit if you imbibe enough

I'm in my friggin glory and I would like ta thank ya
For sittin' here beside us don't make me have ta spank ya

Steve Epworth
AKA - Big Red

I'm not sure when he wrote it, but it couldn't have taken him more than 20-30 minutes. That in itself is amazing. Now, what I would love to bring to your attention is that this poem is truly a reflection of how friendly, generous and good natured the people of the Maritimes are. I'm a proud Maritimer, always have been and always will be. It's in our blood and in our raisin', you see... our parents, they taught us "good"  :)

Thank you to Ducky's, Darren & his wife, the very smart bar staff, the people who came to the tasting, Cape Breton Oatcake Society, Ganache & Panache Chocolates in the City Market and of course a huge thank you to Steve for making me feel right at home and making our Tour of Scotland tasting a "right good & some wicked " one...

Sincerely and with all my respect!


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