Monday, December 12, 2016

And welcome to day 12! Gerston from the Lost Distillery Company

Day 12 and we awaken to the news that 15-20cm of snow is coming today. Schools are closed but of course we have to go to work. Down the basement stairs I creep in the darkness as I have done many times before since starting this great little advent calendar adventure. I flick on a light and in the glow of the warm light I find the door I have been waiting for. The reveal, a whisky I have had before and enjoyed: Gerston from the Lost Distillery Company. Now I'll admit here and now that when I first heard about this company, I sort of rolled my eyes. I seemed a little kitschy and I made the mistake of listening to a few people on social media. Many people made it sound like they were making whisky from old and lost distilleries, however if you go to the website:, you can read for yourself that they are upfront about what exactly they have available as whiskies. 

I like what Secret Spirits has placed in the advent calendar as well for all the independent bottlers: A brief explanation of what each company is all about. It's another great feature of this gift, especially for people who may not have any experience or heard of these companies or whiskies before.

So back to the 15-20cm we were supposed to get -> It came... quickly. We were sent home by 2:30pm but by the time I was able to actually make it back to the house it was closer to 4:30pm. For those of you who don't live in this type of climate, sometimes the snowfall is fast, slick and visibility goes down to zero in a heartbeat. Once we had supper and dishes out of the way I was finally able to sit down with my dram. And where did the Lassie sit... in the window, in her favourite arm chair. (Gotta love tradition)...

The Lost Distillery Company, Gerston NAS bottled at 46% ABV, Bourbon casks

Colour: High noon sunlight when I'm on my boat ;)

Nose: Welsh's white grape juice but with a nice "boozy" back drop. Once it has sat in the glass, I sort of get fresh rosemary or maybe rubbed thyme. It goes back and forth between sweet and savoury.

Palate: This has a bit of a briny and smoky character to it, almost like a really soft but younger unpeated Caol Ila maybe. It's almost "refreshing"...

Finish: Sweet with a hint of hot, like ginger root and then the chocolate or roasted cocoa hits you. Lingers... 

This is yet another great example of a balanced and very enjoyable dram. It was another, sit, sip, savour and take my time whisky. My list of whiskies I would buy from this advent calendar seems to get a bit longer with every passing day. I think what I enjoyed most about this was the nose. It drew me into the glass and was quite enticing. Everything else, was the cherry on the cake.

Feel free to see what Jonathan thought of this dram by checking out his review at

Are we due for another lovely dram or is tomorrow going to be unlucky thirteen? Stay tuned to find out...

Until then, I'll just sit here in my armchair, turn the lights off, finish my dram as I watch the snow swirl around outside.

Cheers lovely #whiskyfabric



  1. Lassie,

    Really enjoying this series.
    What part of NS are you in ?

    We also got that storm here in Montreal - gonna be a white.

    Looking forwrd to tomorrow's dram Christmas

    1. Hey! I'm actually in New Brunswick near Saint John. Total we received 26cm apparently, but I don't mind because I love a white Christmas.